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Cruising for a Cause: South Dade Kia’s Double Feature at the Life Time Miami Marathon & Half

Welcome to our recount of the extraordinary journey through the Lifetime Miami Marathon & Half, where South Dade Kia proudly supported both the South Dade Group and the Nirvana Project. As sponsors of the marathon, our commitment to community involvement and philanthropy was on full display alongside our partners at the South Dade Education Foundation, which funded the Nirvana Project.

Our marathon weekend began with the Expo Fair, a bustling hub of activity where participants gathered race essentials and immersed themselves in the excitement of race day anticipation. At the South Dade Kia booth, attendees were introduced to our latest electric vehicle models, the EV9 and EV6, showcasing our dedication to innovation and sustainability.

Adding to the Expo’s lively atmosphere, our interactive game allowed attendees to win exclusive South Dade Kia merchandise, providing a fun and engaging experience for all. As participants explored the Expo, they encountered a myriad of attractions and activities designed to enhance their marathon experience, from photo opportunities to creative crafting stations.

On race day, South Dade Kia employees, alongside members of the Nirvana Project, came together with a shared purpose: to conquer the marathon course and support a cause close to our hearts. The runners were buoyed by the community’s support, with each step bringing them closer to the finish line.

South Dade Group’s marathon sponsorship underscored our commitment to promoting health, wellness, and community engagement. Through our partnership with the South Dade Education Foundation, we also contributed to the success of the Nirvana Project alongside other organizations dedicated to positively impacting our community.

As the sun set on race day, participants gathered at the post-race Finish Festival to celebrate their achievements and bask in the camaraderie of fellow runners. It was a moment of triumph and unity, showcasing the power of sport to bring people together and effect positive change.

At South Dade Kia, we’re proud to have played a role in such a meaningful event, and we’re committed to continuing our support for the South Dade Group, the Nirvana Project, and other organizations dedicated to making a difference in our community. Reflecting on our marathon journey, we’re inspired to keep moving forward, fueled by the unity and purpose that defines our shared mission.